face a' face [FOL Interviews]

Billy Graham

I have often been asked the secret of evangelistic crusades, and I have said there are three secrets: 1. Prayer...


Franklin Graham

Walking in one’s father’s footsteps is no easy thing especially if the father is a celebrity. Over the centuries, children have found...


Ravi Zacharias

Oh my! First of all, I never think of success in the terms that people talk about. Never even think about that. Only God could have...


Gladys Staines

“Yes, mummy, we will forgive them.” She was just thirteen years then, but she never wavered in her response. The incident didn’t hit me fully...


Philip Yancey

It calls for a cost to live a Christian life like the apostles. And so, I want to be truthful about that and not claim myself as a person


Nicky Gumbel

The reason why we are able to bring many different denominations including Anglican, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist...


Martin Smith

“If you ask me, I would say, I am an average guy. But my identity is in Christ. The key is to find our identity in Christ.


David Wheaton

A true follower of Christ desires to follow God and senses His will in everything. All of us carry in our flesh the unredeemed...



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Bathed in Love

A mother has a natural bond with a child but a father has to build one.

Sunny Joseph

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