Martin Smith

Martin Smith speaks to FOL

by Arun Daniel

Martin Smith was in India recently as part of his all-India tour of Cross Culture. He sang to a packed audience in a concert in Hyderabad, where he played his all time hit songs like the History Maker, Our God Reigns, Down, Deeper, Dance Floor, Dance in the River...

Speaking about his trip to India, after eight years, Martin said, “I remember the last time I came to India with my former band mates to Mumbai. I visited the slums there where we met Fareen a bright, young 12-year-old girl. She was like a livewire, full of life and energy to talk. This time when I came here again, I met her. Fareen is all grown up and doing well. I have to say that meeting Fareen back then had to be the best part of my India visit”.
Speaking to the young people of this generation who are struggling in life to find God’s will, he quoted Ephesians 1 and said, “If you ask me, I would say, I am an average guy. But my identity is in Christ. The key is to find our identity in Christ. I believe we must first figure this out, believe it and live it. Rest everything follows”.

FOL : Any tips to young worship leaders and youth leaders
Martin : “There is a great talent in India, I’ve have met a lot of great young people with much potential.I would just say be yourself, original’ and work hard”.

FOL : What was your response on being nominated for the Grammy Award?
Martin :“It was a dream come true when Delirious’ popular song ‘Deeper’, got nominated for Grammy the Grammy Award.” He said, “Hard work paid off, we worked very hard and through the song we just wanted to tell how deep we wanted to know God”.

FOL : How did you feel when Delirious decided to split in 2009?
Martin :“It was one of our toughest times in life when the band decided to end playing together. It was tough but that had to be done which was one of my toughest periods in life”.

When asked if he watched any Indian movie, he said, “No but I watched Slumdog Millionaire. It was a big thing back in the UK. I think that film really showed the beautiful contrast in India, and how beautiful the people in India are. I could relate the film to our humanitarian work which is in a similar setting in Mumbai. The movie also showed a side of India that needed help which brought a lot of help to India”.

FOL :With the Delirious in the past, what are your next steps?
Martin : “I plan to open a new innings with a new band. I am quite excited as I’m putting together a band next year called the Army of Bones and will be releasing our album. in 2016”.


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