Family Time

Strength of Mother

by Elizabeth Daghfal

Fountain of Life | April-June 2016

It was the only time I ever called a radio station. At least so far. Who knows, maybe tomorrow another desperate situation will arise. That time, I was a young mother, and the talk show topic was how to keep your preschoolers busy and out of trouble. I called. And pleaded…

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In with the New

by Elizabeth Daghfal

Fountain of Life | Jan-Mar 2016

It seems we are a people who love new beginnings. Turning over a new leaf. Wiping the slate clean. Starting over. Waking up to the dawn of a new day. Getting second chances…

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Rejoicing in the Miracle

by Elizabeth Daghfal

Fountain of Life | Oct-Dec 2015

Two women: one old, one young. One barren, one unmarried. Neither expecting to have a baby. At least not now…Maybe a few decades ago…Or after the vows had been exchanged… But not now! And yet, they both were. Both could have been divorced. One, before she became pregnant—because by Jewish Talmud law, if you could not provide an heir for your husband, he could divorce you. The other, after.—Again, she was pregnant out of wedlock. In fact, most would have wanted her stoned.…

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A Walk from the Heart

by Elizabeth Daghfal

Fountain of Life | April-June 2013

The first was a caption from my web page, a cry from my heart, thinking of my mother who died eighteen years ago. An incredible woman, even in the midst of debilitating chemo, she regularly made dinner for someone else who was sick in the tiny slot of time when Mom didn’t feel horrible herself.

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Bathed in Love

A mother has a natural bond with a child but a father has to build one.

Sunny Joseph

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