Bathed in Love

From the Editor

“Dad, I have but ONE LIFE to live...
help me make it beautiful...
I can’t make it without YOU…”
~A Child’s Secret Dream

A mother has a natural bond with a child but a father has to build one. Unlike mothers who get a preview of motherhood for nine months, fathers do not come with such an experience. Though the child carries his/her from the father DNA, a father remains a stranger until he learns to imbibe himself in the child.

All dads are dads for the first time and come certified, ‘licensed’ but ‘not experienced’. A father carries an ‘L’ board, invisibly when he for the first time becomes a father. Hence, there are no perfect fathers. All fathers grow-up learning from mistakes - and mistakes they all make. Some repent and some don’t, but most do not even realise the need for it.

Children look for greatness in their fathers, not perfection. A child longs for an available and an engaging dad. How true the saying, “A father is worth a 1,000 teachers”. It is time we have invested ourselves in our children. A child’s heartfelt desire is for parents to be his/her soul mates, but when they fail, they search and find a soul mate, most often in the wrong person and by the time the parents realise this, it is too late to reverse the situation.

If at all anybody needs us in this word, it is our children and they need us desperately. First time the word ‘Love’ is mentioned in the Bible is while referring Abraham’s love for his son Isaac. The second time it is mentioned for Isaac’s love to Rebecca. The emphasis here is that Isaac learnt what love was from his dad even before he learnt to love his wife. Abraham bathed his son Isaac with Love.

(Sunny Joseph)


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From the Editor

Bathed in Love

A mother has a natural bond with a child but a father has to build one.

Sunny Joseph

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