STONES to Milestones

by Pramod Chandrasekhar

Fountain of Life | April-June 2016

No Indian sportsman has ever received the kind of adulation and admiration like Sachin Tendulkar. But in 2008, he suffered a bad patch of mediocrity, and critics stridently demanded his retirement. Sachin bore these barbs stoically, focusing more on bouncing back. Then came the Mohali test where he notched up a gritty 88 runs against Australia and surpassed Brian Lara to become the highest run getter in the history of test cricket. Later, commenting on the criticism he faced during his slump season, Sachin remarked that when people threw stones at him, he converted them into milestones.

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Happytude: Cheerful from the Inside Out

by Pramod Chandrasekhar

Fountain of Life | Jan-Mar 2016

"Hellooo Aunty", I said, with exaggerated mirth, but I was filled inside with suspense and tension. For the past four days I couldn’t reach the landline or the cell phone. All I could do was helplessly stare at the relentless stream of pictures on TV, images of flood water inundating the entire city of Chennai and causing unimaginable human misery. With every snippet of news I grew more anxious.

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Pause: But Don’t Stop at Failure

by Pramod Chandrasekhar

Fountain of Life | Oct-Dec 2015

One of the most genuine nuggets of advice I received in my childhood was from a cousin who told me that I could learn much more from losing than from winning. I stared at her with disbelief. I had just won a series of awards and was basking in the light of these victories. People were praising me to the skies. And she talked about the benefits of failure. It was not only irrelevant but quite confusing to me.

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A mother has a natural bond with a child but a father has to build one.

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