Reading by the Lamp Side

When our homes had lanterns

by Team FOL

Fountain of Life | April-June 2016

A single lantern brightened up our homes sometime ago. Not just light, but gave they warmth where flocked the family for meals, prayers and conversations. And then electric lamps arrived.

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The Curse of Reuben

by Team FOL

Fountain of Life | Jan-Mar 2016

Wisdom must teach us to learn the taming of certain traits early in life lest they turn into fatal predators, later. There are four such poignant predators that, if not tamed, they tame us. While the first three are be Sleep, Speech, and Stomach, here we will consider the fourth predator, Sensuality or unbridled sexual obsession.

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God’s Limited Version: Christ at Christmas

by Team FOL

Fountain of Life | Oct-Dec 2015

Between a ‘thought’ and a ‘word,’ the later is an outward expression of an internal entity. To a simple beholder who may not strain to venture beyond the verbal world, a ‘thought’ is an obscurity. Though they both seem to be different, they are not and cannot be divided. Simply put, a ‘word’ is a thought clothed in a presentable or an audible apparel.

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Bathed in Love

A mother has a natural bond with a child but a father has to build one.

Sunny Joseph

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