God’s Limited Version: Christ at Christmas

by Team FOL

For too long we have looked into a cracked mirror and
have lost the original image of what God is like.

Between a ‘thought’ and a ‘word,’ the later is an outward expression of an internal entity. To a simple beholder who may not strain to venture beyond the verbal world, a ‘thought’ is an obscurity. Though they both seem to be different, they are not and cannot be divided. Simply put, a ‘word’ is a thought clothed in a presentable or an audible apparel.

To consider which is the greatest between ‘thought’ and “word,’ a thought is greater than the word because of its self-existence and the vast idea embodied with. However, what use is it, if its selfexistence is not expressed in words and made evident. Hence, words become an inevitable necessity if the thought has to express itself. They both need each other.

The analogy is, if God is that thought [invisible and inconceivable,] Jesus is the Word [visible and conceivable.] Words are visible evidence of an invisible entity.

Man at his core is a spirit being. In pursuit of his spiritual hunger, he sought God and found Him in His creation which appealed more realistic than the reality itself. Creation is not God. On the contrary, it bears the cracks and the curse from its fallen nature along with the fallen man. Man took for granted each fragment of the broken picture as reality. No wonder we have so many versions and images of God. As Francis Bacon says, “an idol is a picture mistaken for reality, a thought mistaken for a thing.”

This is where man has come to be and is complacent about. That is why the cycle of human fate or karma goes on and on in circles rather than in a cycle; a circle is endless and a cycle is progressive.

Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” He again said, “My Father is greater than I.” What do these contrasting statements mean? Either Jesus was contradicting Himself or He is inciting us to a deeper truth. To understand this, we must understand a simple rule; ‘thought’ and ‘word’ are the same in one sense and in another sense, they are different, where the ‘thought’ stands at a higher plain. A word is the limited form of a thought which by nature is vast and limitless.

Jesus is that inconceivable expression of God who became the visible Word clothed in human flesh and dwelt among men so that man may understand the limitless expression of God in a limited human version which is Jesus Christ.

At Christmas Jesus became that Limited Edition of God so He could transcend God to man in human form and expression.

In Christ the picture is full and free from all distortion; a picture is worth, a thousand words and Jesus is that single Picture of a thousand words about God that man had been searching for.

The full version of God can be experienced when we embrace and accept Christ.


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