When our homes had lanterns

by Team FOL

There was a time when our homes had a hearth, an altar and it was a haven...but It’s so different from where we are now...

A single lantern brightened up our homes sometime ago. Not just light, but gave they warmth where flocked the family for meals, prayers and conversations. And then electric lamps arrived. They dispelled darkness but displaced the family; there’s light everywhere. With no complains about technology, we are to blame ourselves. We let the light in and let go those precious times around a meal and a table. We sit in our own corners now. We were not blind when there was no light, but we are now, when the light came in. Have we lost the warmth of family togetherness?

There was a time when our homes had only one telephone where ran the family to, each time it rang. We did not miss calls, for calleridentity and redial were unheard of, then. But the dawn of mobile phones, with the luxury of a caller-identity, redial and texting changed it all. Incredible! Technology truly gave us space to organise our contacts and stay in touch more meaningfully than ever. However, with no qualms to mobile phones and fibre-optics that are great tools but lifeless beings, we are to blame ourselves. Did we lose that sense of family connectivity?

There was a time when our homes boasted a single computer adorned atop a specially made computer cabinet. We sat in front of it to see photographs, read emails, or even watch DVDs. The same was with the TV. But the coming of Wi-Fi has scattered us each to our cosy corner where we stay longer than required behind closed doors and under buried sheets. We now have gadgets; a minimum of two to three for each member. With no qualms to Wi-Fi and internet that are great tools but lifeless beings, we are to blame ourselves. Are we heading in the wrong direction?

Between humans and technology, who created who and who is using who? Most of us have become robots and are slowly turning inhuman and into machines. As technology takes us from one level to the next in each generation, it is great to switch from the last gadget to the latest. But when humans replace relations with gadgets, even technology abhors such a human condition. A society that continues thus will soon cease to functions.


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