From IDK to IBT

by Sunil Robert

Fountain of Life | April-June 2016

Whenever I ask youngsters what they want to do in the future, seldom do I get an emphatic answer. They throw a few ideas at me with a general mum bling of, “I don’t know”. But let me tell you, my ultimate Guru was clear at the age of 12. Remember, how his parents lost him in the temple and found him after three days? The answer the young lad gave was, “Don’t you know, I must be about My Father’s business”?

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What’s the Price of 40 Days in Your Life?

by Sunil Robert

Fountain of Life | Jan-Mar 2016

How long can you stay without going ‘on-line?’ Once, there was a flood in a village. Many were drowning and so the rescuers were rushing people to safety. They used anything they could, to help people get to safety. One young man, desperate to survive, found a black log, presumably a coconut tree trunk and made it to safety. When the villagers saw him, they yelled, “Let go off the log and grab the lifeline we are throwing”. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get off the log. He replied, “I left it long back but...

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Does Your Phone Define You?

by Sunil Robert

Fountain of Life | Oct-Dec 2015

What makes India run on Watsapp? Not only nearly everyone is on Watsapp, this application is making many businesses. Some Banks, schools and other organisations now reach out to their audiences on this channel. Young people are the largest user base of Watsapp around the world. Whether it is Facebook, Watsapp or Twitter young people are the fastest adopters of any communication channel, and it has nothing to do with education, wealth or status.

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Bathed in Love

A mother has a natural bond with a child but a father has to build one.

Sunny Joseph

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